Add a beautiful flower circle to your Big Island wedding or vow renewal beach ceremony.

Flower circles have no beginning and have no end and so in the long tradition of weddings and vow renewals the flower circle represents the binding to one another, endless and always beautiful and it to enhance the importance of a wedding ceremony or a vow renewal. a flower circle represents love, romance, family and it is the outer ring that seals and protects the marriage or two people that are in love. 

Please enjoy some of our own creations below. You can call us at (808) 365-2746 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have questions about a flower circle or flowers for your romantic Big Island sunset beach wedding or vow renewal.

  • AlohaFlowercircle1
  • AlohaFlowerCircle3
  • AlohaFlowerCricle2
  • flowercircle
  • flowercircle1
  • Flowercircle2
  • Flowercircle3
  • Flowercircle5
  • Flowercircle6
  • Flowercircle9
  • Flowercricle4